News and Events

June 2016: We are finishing automated machine design with Ardunio. The design will be available for purchase in August 2016.

June 2015: We moved to Houston Texas area to better serve our customers.

July 2014: We commercialized our invention, Measudrill(TM). You can purchase Measudrill on Amazon (link:

July 15th 2012: ADT LLC is preparing for another milestone in its history, a product that will offer inexhaustible renewable products for everyone. Stay tune for the details.

June 12th 2012: Our website was redesigned with WordPress for better visualization and functionality.

May 12th 2012: Advanced Design Technology, LLC acquired Raitora’s assets and its renewable energy designs.

September 12th 2009: Raitora’s first windmil to pump water was completed. The manufacturing process of the design is expected to take 10 weeks.

February 12th 2009: Raitora, LLC was merged with WinSolarPro, LLC to offer better solutions to energy related problems.  The website was redesigned and the functionality of the website was improved.

June 12th 2009: Our website was redesigned with Joomla for better visualization and functionality.